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MetLife Voluntary Life

You may purchase $10,000 to $100,000 (in $10,000 increments) of group term life insurance. This insurance supplements your Board-provided life insurance. You can have up to $50,000 in tax-free life insurance.

Voluntary Life

Under Section 79 of the IRS Code, employees are liable to pay federal income taxes on Group Term Life insurance amounts in excess of $50,000, to the extent that the costs for amounts in excess of $50,000, less any employee contributions for the entire coverage amount, is included in the employee's gross income. This additional amount will be listed as imputed income on your W-2.

Benefits Paid if Terminally Ill

The plan will pay a lump sum—50% of the life insurance benefit amount in force to a maximum of $50,000 if you are terminally ill and your life expectancy is six months or less. Your benefits paid to you will reduce the death benefit. This benefit is payable only once in your lifetime.

All benefits are subject to reduction after age 64 as follows:

  • At age 65, to 65% of the original face value of coverage amount in force
  • At age 70, to 50% of the original face value of coverage amount in force

NOTE: Premiums will be adjusted.

Additional Features

If you participate in MetLife's Optional Life Insurance, you will receive the following additional plan features:

  • Will Preparation. This feature is offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife company that will provide you access to a participating plan attorney to help you prepare or update your or your spouse's will at no cost if you choose to use an attorney that participates in the network.
  • Estate Resolution Services. This is offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, Inc., a MetLife company and provides probate services to beneficiaries who are executors or administrators of the deceased employee's estate at no additional cost. These services include telephone and office consultations to discuss matters of probate, document preparation and representation at court proceedings needed to transfer the probate assets and the completion of correspondence necessary to transfer non-probate assets.

Benefits Eligibility

  • All Full-Time and eligible Part-Time employees are eligible to enroll in the MetLife Voluntary Life Insurance offered by the School Board.
  • Current Retirees may only continue to enroll in the MetLife Voluntary Life Insurance if you were previously enrolled at the time of your retirement.
  • COBRA Participants are ineligible to enroll in MetLife Voluntary Life Insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is an eligible?

All full-time employees are eligible; however, if you are totally disabled or not in active service for other reasons, your effective date of insurance or change in coverage will be delayed until the date of your return to Active Service.

How do I obtain claim forms?

To obtain claim forms, call the MetLife onsite representative at 1.305.995.7029.

Are the premiums taxable?

Under current Internal Revenue Code rules and regulations, employees whose life insurance is more than $50,000 will have premiums for any amount more than $50,000 included as taxable income on their W-2 forms. Please refer all tax-related questions to your tax advisor.

Must I still pay my premiums if I’m disabled and unable to work?

If you become totally disabled prior to age 60 and that disability lasts for nine consecutive months, during which time premiums are paid, the insurance company will continue your life insurance in force without further payment of premiums if proof of such disability is provided and waiver is approved. For waiver of premium forms, please call 1.305.995.7029.

Can I convert my Employee-Paid life insurance if I terminate employment?

Yes. You may apply for a conversion policy for all or any portion of life insurance in effect at termination, if you make a request. You must complete a conversion application within 31 days of termination. To request a conversion application, contact the MetLife onsite representative at 1.305.995.7029.

Can I continue my Employee-Paid life insurance if I retire?

Yes. Upon retirement, employees may continue their coverage at their current level of coverage subject to the maximum of their class. You may not add or increase your existing coverage. If at any time of your retirement you do NOT elect to continue this coverage, you will no longer be eligible for coverage under this plan and your group life coverage will be terminated. The maximum for actives is $100,000. The maximum for retirees is $100,000.

What insurance company makes this plan available to me?

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. A.M. Best’s Reports, which compares and rates the financial strength and performance of insurance companies, rates MetLife "A+, Superior."


If you commit suicide while you are sane or insane within two years of the effective date of coverage, benefits will not be paid; however, your beneficiary will receive a refund of the premiums you have paid for this insurance.

Also, if coverage was elected while you were on a leave of absence and you did not return to work, benefits will not be paid. However, your beneficiary will receive a refund of the premiums you have paid for this insurance.

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